Satnam Hospital is a state of art HOSPITAL-THE BEST IN SAURASHTRA - for the care of Mother,Child and Women.

SATNAM HOSPITAL is one of its kind in whole Saurashtra and Kutch region of having unique treatment facility for “ Mother & Child “ under One Roof right from “PREGNANCY-BIRTH-GROWTH”. All newborn babies are immediately under care of Neonatologist on duty.

SATNAM HOSPITAL is also providing services to the most of the WOMEN’S problems right from adolescence period to Menopause. All Gynec surgery are done at our hospital by the TEAM of senior and experts Gynecologists.


It is situated at the prime location in a lush green area of Rajkot which is totally polution free. Swaminarayan Temple on Kalawad road is a famous location of RAJKOT. Akshar Marg is just opposite to the temple which straight away goes to SATNAM HOSPITAL.

Satnam Hospital strives to provide the very best to its patients in terms of medical excellence and hospitality, when it comes to Obstetrics,Gynecology and Paediatrics.

SATNAM HOSPITAL is in the prime list of majority of 5 Star and 3 Star Hotels for their Medical Emergencies of their Stay-In GUESTS.

SATNAM HOSPITAL is providing full Medical Emergency Service to the young kids of MANY PLAY HOUSES of RAJKOT in no time. This facility makes you KIDS safe in PLAY HOUSE.

It would be fair to say that the hospital virtually doesn't leave any stone unturned. It combines the latest health facilities, utmost hygiene standards, eminent experts with years of experience and expertise to their credit, and the factor which assumes a whole new importance when it comes to patients-related treatment with warm behaviour. Satnam Hospital ensures optimum care through holistic approach and teamwork.