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NICU-equipped with instruments

  1. Phoenix Warmers, Infusion Pumps
  2. Datex – Ohmega – Multipara Monitors
  3. Bear – Cub PSV – Ventilators
  4. Ermstong – GE – Ventilators
  5. Central Air, Oxygen & Suction for Quick Treatments.
  6. High Frequancy Ventilator


  1. Fully Equipped with monitors, infusion Pumps & Ventilators.
  2. Central Air, Oxygen & Suction for quick treatment.

Operation Theater

Well Equipped & Datex Ohmega Anesthesia machine to handle all pediatric surgical cases as well as all obstetric emergencies.
The core team of pediatric surgeons is :


Labor Room to Attend High Risk Pregnancy Cases

Obstetric I. C. U. – To manage Ante-Partum & Post-Partum Obsteric Emergencies by Expert team of group of high risk Obstetric Consultants, Physician, Intensivist & General Surgeon.
The core team of obstetric consultant is


Ward Facilities

Spacious Clean Corridors with Comfortable Sitting & Music Facilities

  • Special Room – Spacious well furnished with T. V., Cable Connection, A.C., Phone, attached toilet & bathroom
  • Deluxe Rooms – Spacious well furnished with T.V., Cable Connection, Phone, attached toilet & bathroom
  • Semi Pvt. Rooms – Spacious well furnished with T.V., Cable Connection, Phone
  • Multibeds – Sharing well furnished Room with T.V. Cable Connection, Phone
  • All the rooms have Central – Oxygen & Suction facility for quick treatment.
  • 2 Floors each with 8 Rooms & Total 20 beds at affordable charges for indoor patients.


Diagnostic and therapeutic laproscopy are done with latest laproscopic instruments

Other Facilities

24 Hrs. Laboratory
Run by Senior Pathologists

Radiology Department

Developmental Pediatric Neurology

Expert Advice/Opinion

Gynaec Department

Well baby clinic & Vaccination Center

Paediatric Surgury Department

NICU / PICU Department

Multi Speciality Dental Unit

24*7 Pharmacy Department

24*7 Ambulance Services.

Canteen Facilities.

Laboratory Facilities.

Dr. Misha Jasani

Visiting Pediatric surgeon
Dr. Jigar patel

24 Hrs. Pharmacy Department
With all required medicines available at reasonable rates

Spacious Reception & Waiting
Well Behaved & Co-operative Reception Staffs
Talented & Eager to Help Nursing Staff, Qualified, Dedicated, Well Mannered Staff led by Hospital Administrator Dr. Sweta Gaudana and  Managing Director Mr. Kamal Sonvani

With mission to serve Children better and better, we all seek your blessing for the same.